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To make sure your website is performing well marketing wise, the marketing team is involved from the get go. Our online marketeers keep track of the bigger picture and make sure the user experience is top notch. In addition they implement the right tools to make sure visitors land on your website, and nowhere else; from Google Analytics to streamlined contact forms. Happy with your website and looking for some extra publicity? With creative and strategic campaigns we can give your company or brand an extra boost. Curious how we can implement our marketing skills to help you? Continue reading.

To measure is to know

Google Analytics is installed on every website we build by default. But we love to go the extra mile, for example by installing tracking that tells you which buttons are clicked, what people do on your page and more. A lot more. With these results and some extra data we analyse your website and marketing efforts. We draw up a report with data from the past year or quarter and advise you how to do even better in the future. Would you rather analyse your own data? We can deliver a custom report to give you a head start.

In word and deed

No idea if your current marketing efforts are paying off? Or are you looking for some general advice? During one of our audits we examine your current marketing strategy and work towards better results together.

We don’t abandon you after the launch of your website. We keep brainstorming on how to reach your KPIs and how clients can find you. That starts with a fire-proof strategy and communication plan where we help you think about the right channels, message,...

A technical, correct website

If you are updating an existing website you don’t want to lose the score you have build up in Google. URL mapping to the rescue: we make sure your score is transferred by mapping every old url to a new one. This way all of the information of your old website is transferred to the new one.

Search engine optimization

Scoring well in Google and other search engines is not done in 1-2-3. On the contrary. An important step in the right direction is a thorough keyword analysis. This tells you which keywords potential clients use to find your website. Based on this analysis we formulate SEO-proof copy, links, page titles and more. We also make sure the technical SEO is under control. We add a correct sitemap, for example, and ensure a safe website by adding https.

Relevant campaigns

If you would rather not wait for people to come to you, you can approach them directly. Google Ads offers different tools to send relevant leads to your website. We make sure the ads are working, visually appealing and have the right copy. From Google search ads, to display ads, to shopping ads. We have got you covered.
Are social media channels like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest your platform of choice for your company? No problem. We choose the objectives, analyse the target audience and determine the budget, in agreement with you of course. If you want to see the likes of your Facebook page rise, are looking for a higher conversion rate, or make clients click ‘buy now’, we make sure you have the right ad.

Smart e-mailmarketing

What you do yourself, you often do better. That is why we provide Campaign Monitor templates, based on your corporate branding, that help you create an email in an instant. Drag, drop and ready. A short workshop is sufficient to teach you how to create an email campaign. You can even automate entire campaigns, for your comfort. Don’t have enough time to send your own email campaigns? We can do this for you, after some necessary input.

Content is key

Attracting visitors to your website starts with offering something your audience is looking for. Together we draw up a communication strategy and content calendar. We work with professional photographers and copywriters that know exactly how to grow your engagement.

Do it yourself

Not a boring lecture, but an interactive workshop in which we put you to work. We help you with setting up ads, teach you how to work with specific software or how to manage your social media. You decide what the workshop is all about and we provide a hands-on two hour session.

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Scalable digital solutions that grow with your business.

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