Our team of developers is the driving force behind every website. Beneath the surface of a website complex gears are spinning like an oiled machine. That machine is something we build piece by piece, meticulous and methodical.

Our back-end developers create scalable digital solutions that grow with your business. This way you can anticipate new opportunities quickly. This can vary from websites and webshops to (progressive) web apps, customer portals and REST API’S, documented with Swagger.

Within development we focus on:

  • CMS

  • Websites

  • Applications

  • Webshops & e-commerce

  • Webapps

  • Platforms

  • Portals

What's under the hood?

Your website or webshop is composed of multiple building blocks, for which we work with a LAMP-Stack. In our stack we choose from different PHP(7.x) frameworks: Laravel, CakePHP or Symfony.

In dialogue with the front-end department Vue was chosen as our standard Javascript framework. This is used in Laravel by default, which makes for a smooth integration. But in the end we still look at the needs of every project, so we don’t rule out React or Angular.

We write modular code: modules that are easy to add in and delete, without jeopardizing the entire project. Our code is always lean and mean, this means it’s easy to build on and reuse, this way the maintenance costs and possible problems are kept at a minimum.

Our projects are committed and pushed to our private Gitlab using the GIT principle. This way the team can work together smoothly, without losing existing code. Each project is documented so it can be transferred easily between colleagues.

Do it yourself with a CMS

We always choose a framework based on the briefing and what is needed. Behind it you can find a custom and user-friendly Content Management System (CMS).

This system works with different custom modules and is easy to manage. For example, with Page Architect, a text editor we built, you can easily create pages with a drag-and-drop system. You don’t need any HTML or CSS knowledge.

For our most recent Laravel projects we worked with Laravel Nova as CMS. We choose a Content Management System on an individual project basis. Sometimes we start from scratch, but we also don’t back down from other open source CMS such as Laravel BackPack for example. The most important thing is that they are easily expandable and adaptable.

After developing over 200 projects we have an extensive list of existing modules we can fall back on. So we don’t have to start from scratch every time. We would love to tell you more about it!

Impeccable integrations

We take care of the synchronisation and integration with API’S of external partners like Navision, Showpad, Jobat, Teamleader or Filemaker. We are also familiar with integrations with payment providers such as Mollie, Multisafepay, Stripe, Ingenico and Europabank.

Do you have any questions about this kind of integrations, or do you need help with other integrations for your project? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to help you!

Picture of Jyrki De Neve

“Coding is like LEGO: you build piece by piece and sometimes you can only see you have built something big after putting the final pieces together.”

Jyrki De Neve |  Lead Developer

An extensive toolset

In addition to the above we also use a lot of other tools. Depending on the needs of the project we use Sentry, Grafana, New Relic or Oh Dear for monitoring.

With Drone CI we can easily deploy our code (via magallanes or deployer) and run tests.

Our passwords and other sensitive information is kept in Vault.

Sitespeed is very important to us. That is why we use RabbitMQ with Supervisor to let processes run in the background without derailing the website.

Apart from existing tools we also use our own tools. Some examples are Alfons to quickly set up projects and deploy older projects. Or Polar, that takes care of the API integration with our hosting partner, Level27. With Polar we can quickly set up a new account and request information.

A sector in flux

As back-end developer it’s important to stay up to speed with new developments in the sector. That is why our colleagues are constantly challenging each other to keep learning new things. They also visit trainings, conferences (for example Laracon) and meetups. Friday afternoons are often reserved for lightning talks and discovering new technologies.

Other expertises

We can do a lot more!


User Interface and User Experience: a user-friendly structure and matching design.

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Strategy & Consulting

Building together on your long-term online story.

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Digital Marketing

A technical correct website and relevant campaigns.

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Contact us if you want to know more or if we can help you with a project.

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Frank Guthorel

Managing Director & Consultant
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Karen De Bock

Account Manager
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